Andreo Dance Company

Dance is a living art …
It is our duty as an artist to allow everyone to immerse themselves in it to get lost a bit and above all to let themselves be transported, travel the time of a performance,
of a workshop, an artistic exchange …

Regardless of age, Dance is a bond between men,
a tool to be used without depriving yourself to achieve personal and universal fulfillment!

Andreo Dance Company wants to be fully involved, integrated, anchored in the Territories.
Its vocation is creation, dissemination …
The training of tomorrow’s audiences in Art through dance.

At ADC: Make way for choreographic and artistic writing …
and let’s get into action with innovative, original and inspiring productions!


Bérangère ANDREO
Artistic director and choreographer of the A.D.C.
Artistic director of the Jeune Ballet Arlésien

After training as a Classical, Contemporary dancer (Paris Opera Ballet School, Marseille National School of Dance, Nice Opera Ballet, Young Ballet International, etc.);
After 16 years of career as guest choreographer
(Nice Opera; Ballet d’Europe; Munich Conservatory, Barcelona, ​​Prague, Grenoble, Annecy, Singapore; Ballet National de Mexico; Bohemia Ballet de Prague;
Ballet Metropolitano de Buenos Aires…);

After an appointment as Federal Judge with the French Dance Federation,
it is now time to promote in its own name the choreographic work of Bérangère ANDREO through the birth of a Professional Company under the name of


Choreographic awards

  • Gold Medal at the Berlin Competition
  • National Choreographic Grand Prix of the Rep. Czech
  • Gold medal at the National Choreographic Meetings
  • Gold Medal at the F. F. de Danse Classical Competition
  • Gold Medal at the Carpeaux International Prize Competition
  • Grand Prize at the Biarritz International Competition

“If through my experience, my passion for creation is given to me the opportunity to offer escape … I will be able to fully involve myself in my vocation for transmission. »B. Andréo